Dienstag, 13. September 2011


Yehaa. A new post after a long long time. I dont know hows your weather where you live, but the summer is gone where i live. :( So thats why i did a bit of shopping in the past days/weeks. The autumn is comin soon, way ay :). Btw. first thing im proppa excited about is. I ordered a River Island purse. Fukin hell, i finally found a shop, which does deliver to Germany !!! Weehey :) Ill post it when i get it, sooo cant wait haha :) Rites.. here are a few of me shoppin items of the past 2 weeks :)

Cant wait to wear this with the boots :) But its too warm yet lol.
I forgot the prices but i got this one for i think 25 Euro at New Yorker / Ann Christine. The boots are from C&A, Sorry cant remember the price.
woaah, i immediatly fell in luv with the boots. I got that EMU boots in black as well, i got them a fw yrs ago for like 150 EU. Then i thought its time for a nw pair. As i love bench i had to buy em, did cost me 100 Euro/Bench.
As its me cousins wedding in October i needed shoes for a dress (short cocktail dress in mint). And as im a small leg, i need quite high pumps lol. I looooked EVERYWHERE. Thanks to Ebay, i got them for ~40 Euros. :) haapppyy :)

'Purr' by Katy Perry. 100ml from Douglas (49,95 Euro). Im so in luvv with this one. I just cant use ist every day, cos if i do it only with last one or two weeks haha :)

Okay i got this one bout weeks ago, but still wanted to post it as i got both because i liked the outfit of Alexandra Steen in 'Mr. Saxobeat'. You make this ;)

Last but not least, 'Save Haven' by Nicholas Sparks. As i actually do read every now n then i was like i need sumthin by Mr. Sparks as hes amazing. :)

Thats it for today, i hope i ll posting loads in the future. I know ima lazy bum. Take care peeps !!
Taly :) xx

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Its not like the movies...

Time for the weeky post again, as i was out in town again :))
Naipolish by Katy perry...1. Teenage Dream 2. Friday night 3 Its not  like the movies...

bodylotion, the first smells like melon and the second one like coconut. I dont like the second smell to be honest.  ...but it makes your skin glitter. I love it !

 belt, i got from Tally Weijl. Tally Weijl is one of my favs shops ever.
i got this crazy bit at me mums tbh lol. She is a beautician and one of her clients asked her to sell jewellery and that... lol I got both for 3 euros each. The one above looks so funny with a colourfull dress. I know it looks a bit odd and weird on the pic but its defo not ! :))

thats it 4 this week ....  :)

Taly xxx

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Weekly post...

Hi peeps, I thought to make a weekly post about what I bought this week (Only make up n that, no clothes). I am pretty sure, ill be shocked lol ! Here's me list of last week. I think i forgot a lot lol.

-Hair Colour (as i need to dye me hair before Newcastle haha)
-Lipstick by Rimmel London in Fuchsia n Shocking pink (oh gott i love both colours, they are so SHINY lol)
-Mascara by Essence
-2 bottles of selftan :D

All of them cost me like 25 Euro, cuz the lipstick was on sale (50% wehey) lol

Hope you all got a nice n sunny week :)
Taly xxx

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

random post ...

hellooo guys its nickyy :D

this will be jus a randon post about me typic outfit for the town lol.

 me new bag by primark, old shoesies by ann christine but they are still kooool ;) n random shorts plus any top :). ohhhhhhhhhhh dnt mind me messy rooom SHHH! xD haha.

take careee nicky, xxx